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Optimize the entire journey from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer and get insights into every aspect of your product.

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Zap Inventory

Complete inventory management

  • Manage all your products in one single place. Capture every detail about your inventory.

  • Delivering the most up-to-date inventory figures

  • The data syncs with all other modules in the inventory system to increase productivity and collaboration among the team working from different places.


55% of Small and Midsize Business (SMB) saves more than 7 hours each week by using Inventory Management Software like Zap Inventory.

Product Catalogue

A rich interface to show all your products in one single place. View your entire product catalog and edit products the way it suits you best. Sort, filter, and search based on different attributes like name, product group, images, variants, SKU, barcode, weight, or price. Add new products quickly and keep them synchronized with all your online/offline sales channels.

Product Grouping

Group inventory into predefined categories. Each product can have different variants. Organize variations of your products and their inventory under a single product grouping. Zap Inventory updates individual items and components that make up your product stock.

Inventory Alerts & Forecast

  • Receive alerts and notifications when there is understocking or overstocking directly via email or SMS

  • Reduce stock waste & Optimize inventory levels

  • With Inventory forecast and using past sales data, get to know in advance which products are going to be out of stock soon and what is in abundance.

  • Track batches of items and monitor their expiry dates as well

Inventory Insights

  • Filter your product data whichever way you like to get the best insights and analysis. Examine all your product info like sales, quantity, and movement.

  • Get a snapshot of crucial information like top-selling products, sales from each channel, purchase order activity, and delivery lead times.

  • Audit stock history to know how your inventory levels changed over time.

Barcoding & Inventory Tracking

  • Zap Inventory offers integration with the leading barcode scanners for instant product identification and labeling

  • Easily identify and track your inventory across multiple retail stores and warehouses using Barcoding & Tagging

  • Check real-time updates when shipments come in, where raw materials are located, and when your products have shipped.

  • Effective and smooth operations during POS billing as our easy-to-use mobile app can scan these bar codes without a need to purchase expensive scanning hardware.

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Smooth Multi-Channel Retailing

Selling on more than one online channel?

Start selling everywhere & manage it all on a single platform.

  • Whether you’re selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay or using eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento, Zap Inventory make sure your inventory & orders are synchronized across all channels.

  • Every time you buy, sell, add or transfer inventory, the information will be pushed automatically to all your sales channels where the product is listed – without the need to update every channel at a time.

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