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Manage reverse logistics effectively, streamline the returns chain, and speed up the cash recovery cycle with quicker and more efficient returns.

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Zap Inventory

Returned Products Management

  • Keep your customer satisfied with a fast and simplified customer return & refund process.

  • Generate Return Slips when products are returned.

  • Quickly adjust your inventory levels for returns, replacement, cancellation, or damages.

  • Easily generate the updated invoices indicating the products returned.

  • Assign desired return warehouse

  • Know what items were returned to stock from your online orders. Returns can be stashed separately and later sorted as resaleable or unsaleable items.

Faster Returns Processing

Quicker returns approval, pickup, and transportation processes to ensure faster returns. Confirm or cancel returns, add returns pick-up date, and the reason for return – all on a single dashboard.

Handle Multichannel Returns

Track returns for orders placed through any of the sales channels. Approve returns, pick from a customer, and get it delivered back to your warehouse. You can do live tracking for all such returns.

Real-time Status Tracking

Easy recording and tracking of returned goods from your customers. Keep your customers informed about the returns and pick-up process. Send them to return updates via email or SMS and automated notifications upon status change.

Refund Management

Process refunds for returns made on the order. Automate the refund process and provide multiple payments receiving methods to your customer. Also, provide refund status updates to your customer with message/email automation. The issue of refund will be synced with your accounting software.

Store Credits

Use the Credit Note feature as an offset against future payments. Offer store credits on returns and these credits can be used by customers for exchanges in the future. You can even sync these store credits with your accounting software.

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