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Our software automates your multi channel inventory management system & takes care of tedious, time-consuming processes on your behalf.


Order Processing

Create quotations, sales orders, bills, purchase orders and invoices with a click of a button for all your multiple channels. Share them using an email or provide self-service to your clients and vendors.

Generate and email quotes, sales orders, bills, purchase orders, and invoices. Provide self-service to your customers and vendors.

Stock Management

Add new products quickly, keep them synchronised with all your online/offline sales channels. Use ZapERP to track stock by locations, warehouse & shipment. You can always adjust your stock levels manually. ZapERP automatically captures all the adjustments, sales, and purchase in the stock history. It also provides an accurate cost of goods sold and gross profit.


When the Order is pulled from a Sales channel and processed in ZapERP, the product quantity is also atomatically updated in other multiple channels.

Syncing Multiple Sales Channels in one place will helps to keep track of product quantities and orders with ease.

Merge SKU's

User can now merge the SKU’s from different sales channels and merge them in ZapERP. Syncing SKU’s will help the users to correctly track the quantity of stock coming in and going out from channels with no confusion.

Product Groups

Maintain item-groups with all the variations that your product needs. ZapERP updates individual items and components as products are put together and sold. Use item custom attributes to provide what customers need.

Price Lists

  • Custom Pricing with Multi-Currency

    Manage product prices intelligently, ZapERP helps you to manage custom price lists in different currencies, for various customer types, product categories, zones, and so on. It is only one of the few platforms in the world that allows you to do this.

  • Pricing Per Customer Profile

    ZapERP inventory helps better optimization of your sales based on your customer profile. It Allows you to manage custom price lists in different currencies, for various customer types (wholesale, retail, repeat customers), product categories, areas, and so on.

Composite Items

Combine small items to create a composite SKU which will track all the small underlying products. With composite items, create kits and sell them as one single item with a new price. You can also assemble these small items to produce finished goods.


ZapERP offers integration with all leading label and bar-code printer. You can print barcodes for the stock and products you receive. Just key in the bar code of the item as the SKU in ZapERP. It can help to transform your item tracking and audit process. It also helps in POS as our mobile app can scan these bar-codes without any need for additional hardware.

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