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Easily ship customer orders from any sales channel with 6+ direct shipping integrations, automate repetitive shipping tasks, compare rates of various shipping providers and track all your shipments in one place

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Shipping Workflow Automation

  • Import all orders from multiple sales channels into a central dashboard and choose the best fulfillment way for each.

  • Ship hundreds of orders in minutes with the click of a button with Zap Inventory’s Shipping Management System.

  • Get real-time shipping rates for each package before you send it to your customer.

  • Set preferred shipping carriers based on rates or services

  • Dashboard to get a quick summary of how many orders are pending, invoiced, packaged, shipped, or delivered.

  • Live parcel tracking for a smooth customer experience

  • Bulk import and export shipment details

Multi-channel Orders Shipping

Automatically sync orders from WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and various other sales channels into Zap Inventory. View all orders from every sales channel. Easily ship customer orders from any sales channel with 7+ direct shipping integrations. Also, keep sales channels updated with tracking information.

Shipping Integration with Leading Providers

We integrate with the best shipping providers like Shiprocket, EasyPost, ShipStation, Shyplite, Aftership, and many more to facilitate a smooth experience in fulfilling your orders.

See the full list of Shipper Integrations

Shipping, Packing & Labels
  • Pick Lists

    Create and print picklists. Use it to know which shelf contains ordered items and what to pick from the shelves. Sort them into shipments or create packages using Packing Slips.

  • Packing Slip

    Convert any confirmed order to a packing slip and the details are imported automatically. Save the packing slip, print it, or share it with your customer via email.

  • Shipping Labels

    You can generate shipping labels from your packing slips, and find real-time shipping costs for each package before you send it to your customer.

Customize Shipping Collaterals

Customize shipment package and reflect your business or brand in your packaging. Customize shipping label and packing slip templates. Choose from a variety of templates or even modify them as per your needs. Set default templates for various product categories.

Quickly Bulk Ship Orders

Help your employees to process bulk orders efficiently with Zap Inventory. Easily process orders from any sales channel by creating shipments individually or in bulk. Ship your customer orders in minutes by bulk printing shipping labels for multiple carriers. Bulk prints thousands of shipping labels, pick lists, and sales invoices at a time with one click.

Shipping Rate Comparison

  • Specify different shipping rates based on the value of your customer’s order, package size/weight, place of delivery, or date of delivery.

  • You can also specify custom shipping rates according to the minimum and maximum order price or weight.

  • Offer free shipping for orders reaching above a certain amount or ship your orders at discounted rates.

  • Buy shipping labels from leading carriers

  • Compare rates of various shipping providers and select the best carrier for your shipments either based on rate or quality of service.

  • Shipping Rate Calculator for convenient comparisons

Transparent Shipment Tracking

  • Track your shipments real-time and know when it has been delivered to your customers.

  • Track every shipment in one place. Tracking info, order history, payment info – all on a single screen.

  • Make the tracking info available to all your sales channels and your end customer along with yourself. Update sales channels with tracking information.

  • Get shipment alerts and notification emails

  • Find any order with live search

  • Multi-piece shipment tracking

  • User-level access and restrictions

Handle Multichannel Returns

Track both shipments & returns. Facilitate returns, pick from the customers, and get it delivered back to your warehouse. You can do live tracking for all such returns.

Drop Shipping (Beta)

Create a drop shipment and have your vendor ship the package to the customer directly, no need to manage the stock. Our drop-shipping will soon integrate with various major drop-shipping providers. Tune in for more details.

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