Migrating from Pi.TEAM to ZapERP

Press Release. Please contact us if any questions.

Important Notice Regarding Your Pi.TEAM Account

Hey there,


We wanted to get in touch with you in order to inform you about our migration to ZapERP.com/Accounting. ZapAccounting is a premium software designed to accelerate your business growth. We launched it few months back in order to cater your most of the business needs.

All accounts will be migrated to Zap Accounting on 1st Oct 2018.

We will be migrating all accounts from Pi.TEAM to Zap Accounting. So if you have Pi.TEAM’s:

  1. Free Account Plan: You will be migrated to a free Zap Accounting plan.
  2. Paid Account Plan: You will be migrated to a paid Zap Accounting plan.

However, your data from Pi.TEAM will not be transferred automatically. Instead you can transfer manually or we can help you, just let us know by replying to this email.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please reply or email us at [email protected].

F.A.Q’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

No. As long as your Pi.TEAM account is active, you won’t be charged for anything. Free account will remain free and paid account will remain chargable with new billing plan.

ZapAccounting is designed for your growth. We have added every other features so that you can focus on your business and let us worry about the software e.g. multiple invoice designs with custom logo, separate login for the accountant, online payments & bank ledger, slack + voice calling, customer life cycle management etc.

Yes. Starting 1st Jan 2019. Pi.TEAM will not be available. We have already disabled new registration. All new users are getting redirected to Zap Accounting.

Zap Accounting is a new product by AvanSaber (parent firm of Pi.TEAM).

We will only transfer your account details (email, users and company profile) to Zap Accounting.

Your data will not be automatically transferred. You should either do it on your own or raise an email request, so that we will help you with the transfer. Last date to do this is Nov 30. After Dec 31 2018, Pi.TEAM will not remain accessible to general users.

Be a part of the winning team!

Short case study: ZapERP is designed to make your business better. Propline India – a real estate firm has been using ZapERP since end of 2017. ZapERP has helped Propline.in to increase their revenue by 33%. They use ZapERP to manage their customers, accounting and property inventory management.

Coming Soon – Referral Program

ZapERP’s premium affiliate program will help you to earn almost 25% referable bonus for every successful customer referral. We will share more details soon.

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