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Purchase Order Management

Create, edit, and email purchase orders, receivables & bills that automatically updates inventory. Map Products to your preferred vendor and auto-generate purchase orders. Reorder suggestions, so you know precisely when to order more inventory.

Zap Inventory

Create & Send Purchase Orders

Create quotations, purchase orders, and invoices with the click of a button. The cost prices and product codes for each SKU plus all the necessary supplier information at your fingertips during PO creation.
Once you raise a purchase order, you can email it to your supplier or print it out for future purposes. Clone PO for quick creation or edit them easily. Import & export Purchase Orders in bulk. Convert Purchase Orders into supplier invoices automatically.
Get a clear view of what’s coming in and when. Put your Provisional Purchase Orders under “Drafts.” When you are in the process of receiving goods, mark the purchase order as “Active.” Once you have received everything, mark it as “Received.” Also, keep track of orders that haven’t been delivered, or partially received. The inventory levels will be updated automatically to ensure data accuracy.

Receive Inventory

Receive inventory from suppliers, and get it booked in and ready for sale. Create receipts from your Purchase order after receiving inventory. You can even receive shipment in full or in parts and reject the lines you don’t want to receive. It will be reflected to represent only the actual receipt of goods.

Automate your Purchase Process

Take smart purchasing decisions by setting a minimum to reorder level for each product. Automate your purchases with easily configurable reorder points and restock levels. Get low stock alerts for your inventory directly via email or SMS and never face low-stock or over-stock situations. Improve purchase efficiency by forecasting upcoming needs using backorders and past sales data.

Smart Purchase Order Management Software

  • Plan your purchases efficiently by procuring only according to your needs.

  • Save your time with one-click purchase orders.

  • Compare the unique pricing of each available supplier to make smarter purchase decisions.

  • Choose your desired supplier while creating a Purchase order

  • Hassle-free and flexible purchasing process

  • Reach out to your suppliers at ease

Manage Suppliers

  • Store Supplier Details – Maintain a database of supplier details including their business name, contact name, email ID, address, bank details, payment terms, and conditions. Import and export supplier details in bulk.

  • Evaluate Supplier Credentials – Compare the unique pricing of each supplier for each SKU and pick the best that suits your budgets and your needs.

  • Assign default suppliers for each specific product or change them during the Purchase Order creation stage.

Add Purchase Order Items via Barcode Scanners

With Barcode & Tagging, you can simply scan the barcode of the product you want to restock, and it will be added to your purchase order. You can also receive Purchase Order items in your inventory by scanning individual products.

Purchase in Packs Efficiently

Receiving Items in Multiple Stock Units (Packs) and Selling as Single Units?
Handle your purchase orders efficiently by configuring packs or bundles of your supplier SKUs and maintaining them as a single SKU quantity at your disposal. Upon receipt, the Zap Inventory will automatically update inventory to reflect only the number of individual items you’ve received.

Follow-Up with Suppliers

Track your pending purchases against every SKU and each supplier. Contact your supplier to enquire or hasten delivery.

Real-Time Information

Get actionable insights using automated reports as follows:
  • Get insights into your purchases

  • Reorder Reports & Supplier Lead Time

  • Get supplier transaction history and previous records

  • Identify your top suppliers

  • Identify repeatedly purchased products

  • Download reports sent to your email

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