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Create Purchase Orders, receive partial purchases and bills.Create re-orders automatically. Maintain supplier ratings.

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Purchase Order Management

Create, edit, and email purchase orders, receivables & bills that automatically updates inventory. Map Products to your preferred vendor and auto-generate purchase orders. Reorder suggestions, so you know precisely when to order more inventory.


Smart Inventory

ZapERP helps you to keep the correct quantity of stock all the time. Automatic demand forecasting, inventory optimisation, reorder suggestions & sales prediction.

Update minimum quantity to your items so that you will receive a notification whenever stock levels are low, and you can auto-generate required purchase orders assigned to preferred vendor automatically, helping you to avoid last minute out-of-stock issues.

Automatic Purchases

Generate purchase orders based on backorders and order history. Buy items that sell. Intelligent machine learning algorithm will suggest POs based on history and future requirements. It is keeping your working capital as free as possible.

Receive Purchase Orders in Full or In Partial

Partially or fully receive your purchase orders to track actual receipt of goods. Create receivable & bills from your purchase order by simply marking all or some items as received or by directly converting the purchase order to a bill.

Smart Purchase

  • Bulk Purchase

    Configure Item groups SKUs so that your purchase orders handle bulk quantities while your base SKU quantity in ZapERP maintains upon receive.

  • Track Purchase

    View your pending purchases to know if you need to further order or follow up with your supplier to expedite delivery.

  • Win! Win!

    This helps you to know how much stock you have in real time, and how much you will need in the future-helping you to save tons of money by avoiding incorrect purchases.

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