Syncing Amazon and Shopify

Shopify is one of the best platforms that you can use in order to develop  a eCommerce website. On the other hand, Amazon is the most popular online retail store. Syncing Amazon with Shopify will give you a high possibility to experience growth in your business.
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Benefits of Using Shopify

When you are using Shopify, you will be able to develop eCommerce websites with ease. You don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to get the job done. An average computer user will be able to deal with it and have an online store up and running.

Benefits of Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is the most popular marketplace for retail business operations. Thousands of retailers get connected with buyers through Amazon on a daily basis.

Connect your Shopify Store

Connecting your Shopify Store with ZapERP gives you a number of benefits as you can sync your warehouse and manage stock in them, import price lists, the 2-way sync functionality will help you to pull the orders, products and contacts to ZapERP and also push the changes in Shopify.

Connect your Amazon Marketplace

When the orders are placed in Amazon the orders are automatically pulled in ZapERP. In ZapERP you can manage products, contacts and the orders. Create purchase orders, bills, invoices and shipments.


The change in product quantity and product price in ZapERP reflects automatically in Amazon also if you add a new product in ZapEPR it can be pushed back as a new product in Amazon.

ZapERP helps syncing Amazon and Shopify


When the products are imported from Amazon and processed in ZapERP the product quantity is also updated in Shopify.


Syncing Amazon and Shopify will helps to keep track of products and orders from both the channels.

Merge SKU's

User can now merge the SKU’s from different channels and merge them in ZapERP. Syncing Amazon and Shopify will help the users to correctly track the quantity of stock coming in and going out from channels without any confusion.

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