New Upcoming features in ZapERP

We are excited that we will be launching the new version for ZapERP in March. 

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ZapERP 2.0

It’s finally landed. Take a sneak peek at the exciting new way to manage inventory with the introduction of ZapInventory 2.0 stacked full of features set to help you easily automate tedious time-consuming processes!


No Nonsense UI

The biggest change you will see is the new, fresh, clean, easy-to-use UI/UX. We have redesigned every aspect with only the one thing in mind – user-experience. Reducing the amount of clicks it takes to complete each task, our new UI will help you work faster and effortlessly.

Brand-New Backorder System

A to-the-point backorder system is paramount for effective working, and that’s why our newly refurbished backorder system allows you to quickly create new purchase orders based on your sales orders in a matter of seconds. 

State-of-the-art Shipping

Robust and advanced shipping integrations have been added to ZapInventory 2.0. Helping to automate shipping process, ZapInventory 2.0 will help you create shipments quicker than ever. 

Reap the Rewards

Welcome our newest feature – Rewards! Get more personal with your customers with ZapInventory. Send tailored emails based on customer behaviour and build a better connection between your brand and valued customers.

Refreshed Returns

Speeding up processes and making them effortless is what ZapInventory 2.0 is all about. You will now be able to scan all returns quicker and make the most of our ‘put-away’ feature. 

Advanced Accounting

We’re bringing patches and updates to some of our most popular accounting integrations such as, QuickBooks and Xero.

Brand Spanking New B2B Portal

Our most exciting new feature is the B2B Portal. With ZapInventory 2.0 you will be able to let your B2B customers login directly to place new orders, see old orders, pay invoices, submit returns and get stock updates creating a more streamlined ecommerce journey. 

Integrations, Integrations, Integrations

You can never have too many integrations – We’re proud to announce that ZapInventory 2.0 will be integrating with Walmart, Sync Spider, Zapier and more!

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