Multi-Warehouse Management System to Expertly Organize your Warehouse Inventory

Centralized and synchronized warehouse management system to organize your eCommerce warehouse inventory. Manage inventory efficiently within a single warehouse, or multiple warehouses across multiple locations.

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Multi-Warehouse Management System

Use ZapERP to create multiple warehouses. Manage the flow of stock between your store and different warehouses all under one platform.

Zap Inventory

Easy-to-use Warehouse Management System

  • Add and manage multiple warehouses

  • Easy & smooth transfer of stock between warehouses

  • Track real-time stock changes in each warehouse

  • Warehouse inventory reports for each location

  • Quick Send/ Receive Inventory by scanning

  • Receive and fulfill orders through specific warehouses

  • Sync warehouse transactions with accounting

  • Design a layout for each warehouse for easy physical access to stock


Add and manage multiple warehouses with Zap Inventory. Put together all warehouses as one unit for smart multi-channel and multi-location selling. Manage inventory efficiently between multiple warehouses across multiple locations. Configure multi-warehouse stock policies. Track incoming and available inventory across multiple warehouses.

Transfer Stock between Warehouses

Easily create a stock transfer document and facilitate stock transfer between warehouses. Select the batch or entire SKU to transfer from one warehouse to another. The inventory level at a specific warehouse automatically gets updated.

Perform a stock transfer to move stock into a consignment location to create sales orders directly from that location.

Inventory Tracking & Warehouse Reporting

Every item transferred will be tracked and recorded in history. Look for a complete history of each product’s stock changes for each warehouse. Select a warehouse by location and check its stock in hand, committed stock, last ordered stock, last purchased stock, etc. at a particular point of time.

Receive Inventory into a Specific Warehouse

While creating purchase orders, you can specify the location of a specific warehouse where you want to receive the stock. Our Warehouse Management System will direct the stock into that location.
  • Allocate orders to the right warehouse to fall back on when stock is running low at a specific warehouse.

  • While receiving purchase orders, select the warehouse which is near to the vendor’s location to save the shipping costs and timely delivery.

  • Easily receive inventory from warehouse transfers or suppliers and get it scheduled and ready for sale.

  • The stock on that location will be automatically updated after receiving inventory.

Fulfill Orders from a Specific Warehouse

After receiving sales orders, you can specify the location of a specific warehouse from where you wish to send the goods and fulfill the order. Our Warehouse Management System will fulfill the order from that location.
  • Allocate orders to the right warehouse which has the required stock to optimally fulfill your order.

  • While dispatching sales orders, select the warehouse which is nearest to the customer’s location to cut down the shipping cost and provide faster delivery.

  • The stock on that location will be automatically updated when the sales order is fulfilled.

Pick, Pack and Ship Smoothly

Highly configurable shipping workflows to ensure you fulfill your orders as fast as they come. Create picking manifests by using an optimized digital picklist after which you can pack and ship your orders efficiently. Generate and print shipping labels and packing slips. Organize, pick, pack & ship your eCommerce warehouse inventory smoothly using Zap Inventory.

Setup the Layout of your Warehouse

Shelf/ Aisle/ Zone allocation so that you can easily navigate through floors, aisles, and racks to reach the exact inventory you’re looking for. Rule-based arrangements for newly received stock to put it efficiently into shelves.

Hassle-free Cycle Stock Takes

Perform effortless cycle stock takes to maintain high accuracy of inventory. Use our barcode scanner to easily carry out stock counts. No need to shut down your entire warehouse with paperless inventory checks that require minimal disruption.

Ultimate Inventory Control

Efficiently handle your purchases for each warehouse. Have no risk of overstocking, understocking, and deadstock by automating your Purchase Orders with easily configurable reorder point and restock levels. Ensure you are always holding the right amount of inventory. Buy only what you sell using Back-Order reports which can be configured to automatically generate Purchase Orders for you. Get low stock alerts for your inventory directly via email or SMS.

Improved User Control

People who are working in different warehouses or remotely can have access to the same up-to-date inventory information for each warehouse. Know who has access to stock and on what level. Customize the access for each team member.

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